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  • Hey together,

    in the last time, i experienced that my battery last shorter than usual.
    by the time, i realized the issue. My Bangls.js 2 doesn't lock the touchscreen anymore when i am on the anton clock.
    When i switch to other apps like the settings, notifications, etc. it works fine.

    I tried already to reinstall the clock, but no success.

    Here are my tech specs:

    Device Type:	BANGLEJS2
    Firmware Version:	2v13
    Apps Installed:	alarm, sched, acmaze, files, widbatpc, info, trex, notifyfs, gbmusic, presentor, metronome, slevel, qrcode, hrm, gbdebug, touchtimer, wpmoto, bikespeedo, locale, compass, themesetter, noteify, messagesmusic, ptlaunch, recorder, mylocation, dragboard, tapkb, stopwatch, setting, snaky, scicalc, calendar, widbars, messages, widlock, antonclk, tinydraw, widbt_notify, boot, android, health, dtlaunch, game1024, sleeplog, sleepphasealarm

    (all apps are at the current master version)

    Thanks for your help 😊

  • Hi!

    Could the issue be related to Pattern Launcher? If I remember correctly it has an option to disable the lock screen.


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