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  • Can I get into beta-testing too?

    By the way, gadgetbridge has has a "device actions" settings; at least for amazfit bit. Basically, when you press a button, gadgetbridge sends an intent. This intent can be then read by another app.

    Would it be possible to have something similar for bangle.js?

    That would allow an easy way of connecting bangle.js to homeassistant.

    1. Bangle.js app sends something to gadgetbridge.
    2. Gadgetbridge broadcasts an intent.
    3. Homeassistant companion app listens for a broadcast (Last Update Trigger Sensor).
    4. Now homeassistant can perform any automation.

    I know there's a raspberry pi + ble setup for integration. But a) it relies on BLE range; doesn't work for me from a different room b) it's nice to have a serverless solution.


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