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    Do you plan to add flow control to the play store version as well? Unfortunately, my doesn't device doesn't allow third party store installations.
    I'm getting the PIPE_FULL error quite often

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    Hi @Gordon,

    I hope it's the right place to report Gadgetbridge issues.

    Just installed gadgetbridge beta from google play store. I'm trying to configure which apps are causing phone notification, and most of the apps are missing from the app list.

    Notification settings -> Per app settings -> Application list

    Apps like whatsapp/signal/calendar are totally missing. Previously I was using vanilla gadgetbridge and these apps were there. Any suggestions?

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    Do you have a link?

    Button actions and device actions. I think button actions are a bit more general. But e.g., play pause music didn't work for me, I think it's android-version dependent. But broadcasts should work in any case.

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    Espruino does not support unicode natively (and even if it did there wouldn't be enough memory for every character). Espruino's strings are 8 bits only, so while Espruino can store UTF-8, it doesn't interpret it in any useful way.
    from here

    I was wondering though if it would be possible to allow other codepages. That would require:

    1. Gadgetbridge to convert Unicode into a codepage. Possibly, transliterating missing characters
    2. Storing additional fonts on bangle.js
    3. Support from the messages app (basically a codepage setting).

    I would be very much interested in this feature, and probably could help.

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    Bangle js doesn't support Unicode. You can enable transliteration in the gadgetbridge settings (device settings).

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    Can I get into beta-testing too?

    By the way, gadgetbridge has has a "device actions" settings; at least for amazfit bit. Basically, when you press a button, gadgetbridge sends an intent. This intent can be then read by another app.

    Would it be possible to have something similar for bangle.js?

    That would allow an easy way of connecting bangle.js to homeassistant.

    1. Bangle.js app sends something to gadgetbridge.
    2. Gadgetbridge broadcasts an intent.
    3. Homeassistant companion app listens for a broadcast (Last Update Trigger Sensor).
    4. Now homeassistant can perform any automation.

    I know there's a raspberry pi + ble setup for integration. But a) it relies on BLE range; doesn't work for me from a different room b) it's nice to have a serverless solution.

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    What's the proper way of showing a pop-up notification from a widget?

    So far I updated widbt_notify to use the following code:

    // NRF.on('disconnect',
    var tId = setTimeout(load, 3000);
    E.showAlert(/*LANG*/'Connection\nlost.',­ 'BLUETOOH').then(()=>{
      // ok clicked before timeout

    The problem I get is that if the watchface calls its draw() function while popup is still visible, the popup screen is (partially) overwritten.

    I checked other widgets:

    $ grep showAlert wid*/widget.js

    But it seems there's no other examples.

    One solution would be to complement a widget with a tiny app, which is launched only to show a popup. Sounds like an overkill. Is there a better way? If not, is there a way to ship a widget with an app, while hiding the app from the launcher?