• Thank you for the keyboard, collaboration and being generous with the crediting :)

    I've done some more tweaks that can be tested here. Code here.

    0.02: Introduce setting "Show help button?". Make setting firstLaunch invisible by removing corresponding code from settings.js. Add marker that shows when character selection timeout has run out. Display opened text on launch when editing existing text string.

    I have noticed a problem with how I implement the marker. If I exit the keyboard before characterTimeout has run out the displayText()-function displays over the noteify-screen.

    Thoughts? :)

  • Hi, they sound like good changes, good idea.
    I did have the text displayed correctly on launch, but accidentally overwrote my code with an old version, oops! Didn't notice that I'd missed that. Can you do me a favour and make another change? Capitalise the first word 'Swipe' in the help text, that's been bugging me.

    I suspect you can fix the exit problem by clearing the charTimeout in the 'back' function of the layout. Use the same code as in the backspace and onKeypad function. Now that chunk will be used in 3 places you could wrap it up as it's own clearTimeout function if you want.

    Hope that helps!


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