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    Thank you Gordon for taking the time to explain that. I think I understand slightly better now. I will try and work with the current system, and if that doesn't work run it from my own app loader. I haven't had time recently to work on this but hope to get back to it soon.

    The thing I really want to avoid is going in a different direction that can't be merged in!

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    Yeah, it's a bit complicated :-(

    I agree that breaking out the message library functions would be a good idea. My problem with using the message app to pass events on to a custom app, is that the message app still shows as installed, and listed in the launcher. I think this would confuse users.

    Thank you @Rarder44, I've been thinking similar things.

    Is there anything eslse we could do to make it less complicated? Ignoring for a moment what we already have, what would be the best way to handle communications? Do we even need a message library if we change to firing events rather than importing message?

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    I'm glad you said that, it sounds like you want similar things to me! You might want to check out my Messages Notification app (you should also install Notifications Overlay.)

    They aren't finished yet, I need to get back and finish them off, but should be more like you want.


    1. Instant (ish), full text notification in a scrollable message.
    2. No message storage. You see it when the message arrives, then it's gone.
    3. Customisable font size!


    1. No notifications for calls yet
    2. Weird colours, highlight should be blue but is actually green?
    3. Slow for large notifications, like email
    4. Needs cutting edge firmware, not previous stable firmware.
    5. Gets overwritten by standard Messages app if you update the Android app.
    6. Doesn't block events to app underneath yet.

    Looking at that list, you may not want to try it yet, but I'll work on it and announce here when it's ready!

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    Fab, thanks @rigrig! Looks good, I'll give it a go.

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    Would this be a good time to mention the Hidable Widget Bar? I haven't tried it with this fast app switching yet, but I can't see why it wouldn't work.
    Would it be helpful to add some settings? Always Show Widgets, Always Hide Widgets, Swipe to show or hide? Or pick a gesture to show and hide? I have no idea how to make it a library though!

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    Hello awesome Banglers!
    I have a couple of projects on the go, Hiding the widget bar in an overlay, and Pop up notifications in an overlay, both using Bangle.SetLCDOverlay. I'm having trouble with swipes and drags. I can set a new event handler to move the overlay, but the clock face or app underneath also reacts to the swipe or drag.

    Is there a way to block or clear existing events, e.g. Bangle.on('swipe'...), use my custom swipe handler, then clear my custom handler and put the previous one back?

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    Thank you @Gordon, I think I understand now. I will leave the Android and iOS apps alone, make a new app that replaces messages with my own code. This means I won't break anything in the Android app, or anything in the message app, which I was a bit worried about.

    Changing the "type":"messages" sounds useful, if it can be fixed to show up in the launcher.

    So @rigrig, thanks for looking into it, but don't worry about making any changes to your smessages app on my account, since I'll be replacing it anyway.

    Sorry for causing confusion!

    As for speed, in my tests so far I have a bit of boot code that listens for a message and shows a notification. It feels instant, certainly fast enough. I think it's just avoiding launching a whole app and waiting for the 'Loading...' screen to pass that takes the time. I'll avoid tweaks that would reduce battery life, that's one of the best things about the Bangle!