• Nice one, I like this!

    Feature suggestions:

    • User defined duration for charTimout via settings.
    • Swipe left-to-right: 1) cut charTimeout short if active. 2) else input space.
    • Swipe right-to-left: Backspace.
    • Swipe bottom-to-top: switch caps lock.
    • Swipe top-to-bottom: Hide/show bottom row and increase/decrease the height of the rows
      • (Possibly also/instead hide widget field to gain more vertical pixels per button?)
    • Auto switching letter casing maybe?

    What do you think?

    I might try and add some of these suggestions :)

    Here it's updated as per my suggestions on my app loader: Multitap keyboard v0.05. I'd be happy to do a pull request once you've submitted the keyboard to the main repo! (I don't think I can do one into your fork?) I added a setting for disabling swiping as well.

    EDIT2: I've messed something up, it doesn't exit correctly. I don't really grasp how promises work, and how to make Bangle.on('swipe' ....) stop, after the promise has resolved the text. Here's the code.

  • @Ganblejs, I've made some progress with the swipe issues, turns out you need to Bangle.removeListener("swipe", onSwipe); on exit, then it works fine.

    I'm having the opposite problem with the help screen though, tap the text to open the help screen, press ok to go back, and all the buttons in the layout stop responding. I'll look into this as I've had the problem before in my timer app, and fudged it with a custom onTouch, but it looks like we need a proper solution.

    I'll add your setting for duration in later, for now shortened to 500ms, any less for me and I can't press the buttons quickly (and accurately) enough. Shows why a setting is a good idea!

    (EDIT: tried to download a screenshot, came as a .dib format, attached to the message fine, but no preview image. Tried to remove and replace with a converted PNG version, error)


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