• It's ready, if anyone wants to try it out: https://sir-indy.github.io/BangleApps/?i­d=kbmulti
    You'll also need to install Noteify to be able to use it.

    I'm probably going to tweak it some more, try a few different fonts on the buttons to see what looks clearest.

    Any feedback please let me know, I've found that with just a little practice I'm now quite accurate and quick with it.

  • Nice one, I like this!

    Feature suggestions:

    • User defined duration for charTimout via settings.
    • Swipe left-to-right: 1) cut charTimeout short if active. 2) else input space.
    • Swipe right-to-left: Backspace.
    • Swipe bottom-to-top: switch caps lock.
    • Swipe top-to-bottom: Hide/show bottom row and increase/decrease the height of the rows
      • (Possibly also/instead hide widget field to gain more vertical pixels per button?)
    • Auto switching letter casing maybe?

    What do you think?

    I might try and add some of these suggestions :)

    Here it's updated as per my suggestions on my app loader: Multitap keyboard v0.05. I'd be happy to do a pull request once you've submitted the keyboard to the main repo! (I don't think I can do one into your fork?) I added a setting for disabling swiping as well.

    EDIT2: I've messed something up, it doesn't exit correctly. I don't really grasp how promises work, and how to make Bangle.on('swipe' ....) stop, after the promise has resolved the text. Here's the code.


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