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  • How does everyone feel about changing Espruino forums to GitHub discussions (example here)?

    It would be a big change, but GitHub discussions actually look quite good. For example this is the ImageMagick one:Ā­ck/discussions

    The main improvements as I see it are:

    • Posts will be more 'Googleable'
    • People can 'like' posts
    • A post can be marked as the answer to a question
    • It uses standard GitHub accounts
    • Everything's in one place
    • Adding more moderators should be easy

    With a bit of luck I should be able to import the existing forum messages too, so we'd be able to retrospectively tag answers in existing posts.

  • I support this!

    AFAIK a GitHub Discussions is bound to a GitHub project: does this mean that there would be multiple GitHub Discussions (Espruino, Bangle Apps, EspruinoAppLoaderCore, etc.)?


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