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  • I did the reboot and the Bangles shows '-> Bluetooth', however the BT widget is grey

    You noticed this but if you follow the steps properly there should be no Bluetooth widget shown - just the Bangle.js logo.

    So it looks like the issue was just that you'd changed the settings and added a Passkey?

  • Hi Gordon,
    Nope - I hadn't (and haven't) changed anything.
    What I was saying was that I followed the reboot instructions and saw "-> Bluetooth" at the bottom corner of the logo screen. Even with that implication that there was a BT connection, the BT widget on the main screen showed grey (so no connection) and there was no device connected to the Bangle.
    I don't remember having to use a BT pairing password originally, so was foxed when it was required for re-pairing after forgetting the connection on Mac and iPhone. I later found that Bangle refers to it as the "Passkey" - when other devices refer to the BT "Passcode" - and having found that, I was able to re-pair to the phone.
    I think the major issue is that, with no change of things on my end, Bangle refused to connect to the App Loader webpage, where it had had absolutely no problem before. (The process I had used in the past was to switch off the iPhone BT and then just connect on the webpage. This did not work - hence all the messing around (and commenting) to find a solution. Hopefully, we won't encounter that in the future.)


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