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  • Yes, right now this is to be expected. Pretty much all wrist-mounted heart-rate monitors tend to have trouble when you move your arm around but generally they use the accelerometer data so they can filter out false positives and still get some useful information out.

    Espruino doesn't do this at the moment since it's trying not to use proprietary algorithms. However hopefully the current algorithm will get improved at some point.

  • I think I am just completely missing this but where is the heart rate data actually getting called from? I am looking at heart/app.js and I am not seeing the call to either subscribe to the event or get the data. Everything I am seeing looks more like logging data and drawing the graphs.

    I'd like to help try to improve this if I can. I am mostly self-taught so I just need a bit of direction if possible. Thank you.

  • See­372681/#16388080

    I try to put together a summery of the current state (promised this a while ago) later this evening or tomorrow.
    Best thing to start is to use "HRM Accelerometer event recorder" App to record the raw sensor data, ideally together with some reference from a bluetooth belt. This writes csv, so you can look and analyse with whatever tool/language you prefer.
    Also you can use this script as example and see how to get all the relevant values.


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