• @user136917 I'm not sure if I'm understanding, but just to be clear:

    You need the WebBLE app running, and to have visited https://banglejs.com/apps from inside the WebBLE app itself.

    It's not enough to just install the WebBLE app and then visit https://banglejs.com/apps in Safari or Chrome, which it sounds like you were doing?

  • Ok, I finally figured it out. I did not know that I needed to open the App loader website IN the WebBLE app. Looking at what you said made me realize that the WebBLE app is actually a sort of combination App & Web Browser itself. As soon as I cut and pasted the App loader web address into the WebBLE app/browser, it took me to the app loader website where I found I was able to connect to my watch and even upload a new click face.

    Now my question would be to find out how to get my health app working again and what GPS app do I need for location.


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