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  • And finally the health app doesn’t do anything, I’m guessing that’s an update issue???

    The health App needs to be setup from the settings menu in the health app. It will take a day to record a days data. After an hour you should be able to select Steps and see what steps you did in the last hour.

    I'm not familiar with WebBLE - you need an Apple user to support you.

  • Well, unfortunately I’ve had the watch for two days now and I set up the health app the first day. It doesn’t show anything. The green lights are also not coming on. However, the other day I was looking at the files on the watch via the WebBLE app and I clicked to run the file named “health.boot.js” the lights do come on, but the message “loading” pops up on the face of the watch over the time display and doesn’t go away. The “loading” message just stays there until I push and hold the side button, then the lights go out again.


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