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  • Did you try restarting? As I say in my laptop the btusb module gets confused sometimes - messing with bluez/etc doesn't help at all.

    Strange about the permissions backend for Web Bluetooth - never seen that one before!

  • Yes and reinstalled BT. The Bangle can be accessed from my phone, but it looses erratically connection. It the one I discussed here already:­368381/#comment16201131
    I tried also firmware v2.09 an v2.10.
    I'm at the moment not shure whether it's Bangle or PC which causes problems. The Chrom(ium) problems are strange.

  • Otk, there seem to be two seperate problems. One with Kubuntu. The other problem is obviously the Bangle.
    What I tried now: I charged my second Bangle and connected it without any problem to the IDE and App Loader. The first Bangle still does not want to communicate properly.


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