• @allObjects , all useful stuff above Ta,. ...not to distract from @bertjerred 's build mission but Think it may be useful here to note what happens if a setWatch interrupt occurs while the previous SetWatch function is still running. Was going to test but see you comented on the subject ( 7 yrs ago :). http://forum.espruino.com/comments/11932­979/
    Is it correct still that setWatch triggered functions are queued and executed by the JS Interpreter in the order in which they occurred?
    (* in the simple case assuming the advanced IRQ' parameter features of set watch are not used )

  • Sun 2021.09.26


    'Internally, an interrupt writes the time of the pin's state change into a queue with the exact time that it happened, and the function supplied to setWatch is executed only from the main message loop. However, if the callback is a native function void (bool state) then you can add irq:true to options, which will cause the function to be called from within the IRQ. When doing this, interrupts will happen on both edges and there will be no debouncing.'