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  • ...may be you could... and if poking does not get you there, poked assembler/machine code get's you there... but you should not... otherwise why Espruino/JavaScript in the first place (with which you then would mess). I like Espruino's implementation very much: it translates / maps the internal/low level things into the JavaScript application language layer. It even has the support for managing bursts of interrupts: they are queued in order to not get lost... and it convey as much 'realtime' feeling as possible: with the interrupt, additional context information - most importantly the time of the interrupt *including the time of the previous one - is provided and makes it available to the application. When the JavaScript engine finally catches up - the (next) interrupt is picked up from the queue and handled on the JavaScript level. So you could say: hardware events are mapped to software event, like you are used to Web-program on a button onclick="someJavaScript...;". Clicking with the mouse is a very hardware event, but it is finally handled in the application layer through a software event.


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