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  • @Gordon I launched the same in Edge, but the Emulator screen never populates. Could this
    be similar to what @sebi is experiencing when using Chrome?

    Yes, seems so.

    I think things are getting a bit confused here. As far as I can tell @sebi and @TTBangler are having the exact same problem: The emulator window is blank.

    When the window is blank, there won't be a connection to the IDE, so what's in the left or right hand side of the IDE has no effect whatsoever.

    I took another look at this and I think I might have spotted a problem. Please can you refresh the IDE and try again now?

    I was opening the window and then waiting 500ms and sending a message to it to initialise it. I think what's happened is maybe Chrome has changed and now throws away any posed messages if they are sent before the window has initialised - so if the emulator takes more than 500ms to load it doesn't initialise.

    It worked fine for me basically all the time because I'm based in the UK and I get a fast connection to the UK-hosted, but for some others especially if you have a slow connection or the computer is slower the window can take longer than 500ms to load. I've now tweaked things to add an 'onload' handler and I hope everything will be more reliable


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