• Yes, you're right - it's a shame, but there is no speaker in the Bangle 2.0 (although the Bangle 1.0's speaker wasn't that loud).

    However, in your Bangle 1.0, in Settings, does it say Beep: Vibrate or Beep: Piezo?

    I ask because in the very first Bangles, many didn't have a Piezo speaker either, and so as a workaround we used the vibration motor as a makeshift speaker - which was about half as loud, but otherwise worked ok.

    It'll be the same with Bangle.js 2 - you can still get sounds out of it, but they're not that loud.

  • Ah, I see. A real shame indeed. My Bangle's settings show both Beep: Vibrate and Beep: Piezo as selectable options. It's set on Beep: Piezo at the moment. You're also completely right, they both do sound similar and the piezo is slightly louder.
    At least it'll still have a motor.
    Thanks for the help, Gordon.