• Ok, thanks - it looks like the Bangle.js firmware builds just got a bit too big in the last few days. I'll have to cut some things out and then you'll be able to upload the latest builds again.

    But it sounds like maybe you're running out of memory on the watch (or a widget is causing an error which is then stopping the launcher from coming up). Have you got any third party apps?

    -> null

    I think that happens when you have Bluetooth disabled in settings (which obviously you can't get to now).

    You should still be able to boot up without loading anything though: https://www.espruino.com/Bangle.js#reset­ting-without-loading-any-code

    If you do that you could connect with the app loader and 'install default' to make it work for sure, or could just remove a few extra widgets that you think could be causing problems.


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