• Okay... Are you still have issues uploading new apps?

    what are you trying to do with reset() :-) ? You shouldn't have to do a reset() manually.

    From the documentation https://banglejs.com/reference#l__globalĀ­_reset reset() seems to be doing what it should.

    After an App is loaded, it should show on screen "Press btn3 to reload". You keep BTN3 pressed and your default app is reloaded.

    Press the middle button and it should launch the App Launcher showing you all the apps that are installed, and you can pick one of the other apps.

    P.S. You mentioned App Uploader is issuing a reset... if you are using Chrome, can you do F12, then right click on refresh button and click "Empty cache and hard reload"... Github pages are cached so maybe you got stuck with a stale version of the BangleApps repository?

  • Hi @PiOfThings. I am still experiencing exactly the same problem I was when I made the OP. That being:

    • When I try to upload an app from the Bangle app repo, the upload fails with the message "Upload failed, Unexpected response".

    Everything else is speculation about what might be the cause of this. In particular:

    • I've noticed (by looking in the browser console) that the uploader sends a "reset()" command to the Bangle. Then it attempts to send the app. The bangle responds to the "reset()" but after that it makes no further response.

    --> My conclusion from this (which might be wrong) is that the reset() command - in my particular environment - is somehow causing an issue.

    --> This is backed up by the fact that issuing the reset() command in the IDE also appears to break connectivity between my computer and the bangle and I then need to re-pair.

    --> I observe the same behaviour on both my desktop Mac and my iPad.