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  • Hi! As I've been working on Bangle.js it's become apparent that the 8 character limit on Storage filenames is making everything needlessly confusing, with us using special characters like */-/=/+ at the beginning of filenames to denote file type. I keep forgetting all the time, and I imagine it's a nightmare for everyone else.

    So... I decided to increase the size of filenames allowed on Espruino, and to switch to using normal file extensions like .js and .json. This required a few changes in the Bangle.js firmware as well as in the App Loader and apps.

    I've taken the opportunity to really tidy things up, which should make the app development process a lot easier - **however this means that from now, you'll need to install a new Bangle.js firmware to keep using the app loader.

    However for those that don't want to update, I've provided a Legacy App Loader

  • Something seems to be wrong with the new loader.
    Reflashed with latest and Installed default apps, and now the "apps" screen looks like this:

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    • 2020-02-28 14_36_05-Bangle.js App Loader.png

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