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  • Well, you could do a hacky PLC right now using a Pixl.js with an Ethernet shield and relay shield? Just not DIN-mount.

    WIZnet support is built into some devices and builds, but can be added pretty easily to others. It still uses a lot of memory so I'm afraid it's not in all the time.

    I am actually looking at doing a small PLC type Bluetooth device (8 IO channels, 1A per channel, 3-18v voltage) that was originally planned to KickStart along with Bangle.js (I just ran out of time!). It wouldn't have Ethernet, but would have IO that could easily be connected to a WIZnet device, and I guess a shield could be made to make that process nice and easy if it was popular :)

  • Just not DIN-mount.

    If you start with a Pixl, Just google arduino DIN-mount. :)
    If you put an arduino shield on the bottom, it should be good to go for a home user.


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