• ----- 2019-09-27 Update -----

    As new extension module has been added: support for control with watched push buttons rather than with touch screen - see ---> post #17 . Same time, the keyboard, the input fields and the uiExt extension got some enhancements, last but not least to support watched buttons to drive the ui. So far all but the sliders can be used - with three (3) buttons it is very comfortable: two (2) buttons to cycle forward and backward thru he ui elements and the third - 'Enter' / Tap - button is for tapping. Timing the tapping - how long the push button has been pressed and passing it when calling the tap selected ui element - .ts(...) - gives access to also the timed functions:

    • short tap / touch / press the button: < 140 ms
    • medium tap / touch / press the button: 140..450 ms
    • long tap / touch / press the button: >450 ms

    The input field has a callback that checks tap time, and when it is more than 550 ms, the input field is cleared. The delete x in the top right corner of the input field is part of the ui element and not one of its own, so it cannot be reached with cycling through the ui elements. Having separate buttons for navigation / 'moving' the selection and the action tapping makes operation safe. Increasing the time for clearing the input field to make it distinctive from cycling backwards with a long press.

    Other, non-functional changes is the renaming of the example: replacing the DspTouch infix in the names with just Example provides room the examples to also include button operation vs touch operation. Both can be used simultaneously... (with one caveat: touchscreen tapping does not preserve the visual cue what ui element is selected at times.

    Updated zip file is to be found in --->post #7 .

  • Sat 2019.09.28

    What a fantastic contribution @allObjects

    I'm sure you are proud of the final result, now with the finish line in sight!!

    Had a hunch there would be a fair amount of updating content when I recognized the dozen of link earmarked entries a week ago.

    Although I won't have immediate time to delve into your accomplishment right now, will set aside some time this winter.

    Well done. Congrats!

    EDIT: (ten minutes later)
    Curiosity got the better of me:

    Love the immediate run/launch with the Html pages. Just tried the button press uiExample.html and it works without configuration in Chrome on Windows10, just launch and go. Simple, intuitive, impressive. BRAVO!


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