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    The modular and extensible ui framework for Espruino from allObjects - is now ready for use 'as is' (finishing touches still ongoing).

    6 folders - _sbx (an espruino sandbox ready to be used), _ecomponents, uidev, edev, uidoc and uixsrcmaterial - and this post as text in ui.zip file fort download below.

    Unzip them into any directory. Make _sbx the sandbox folder in Espruino Web IDE. Upload the (example) projects to run them on your Espruino board.

    Not the right hardware (yet) at hand? or: Not much time either for a sneak peek? - No problem:

    Look at and play around with the very same examples in your Browser...

    To run / develop the same modules and projects in emulation / cross development mode in Browser: open .html files - uiExample.html - in uidev folder and click link all.

    uxscrmaterial folder contains many useful examples and older, simpler versions of the ui, most of them still working. Some of them will migrate over time into the actual modules and projects folders.

    Goal is to harden the modules, grow the example pool, add examples for various hardware, also hardware without touch screen support, and make it all available on the Espruino site - as modules and as tutorial(s).

    best js hacks - @allObjects

    Attached: shot showing zip file content, ui_20190927.zip (zipped ui folder w/ all you need for ui). - ui_20191119.zip - newer version (still in work)

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