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  • There are still some small issues:
    Can I remove pins? Some pins are not routed to pads, and some pins are connected together to make routing easier (from the dongle manual):

    SW2 is also connected to P0.19, P0.21, P0.23, and P0.25. This is done to simplify PCB routing. These GPIOs should not be used and should be left as input with no pull or be disconnected by firmware.

    So those pins should not be toggled even accidentally. Toggling a pin that's not routed is no issue, but if someone sets these pins to different output values, that could fry the board I guess. Tiny chance, but still...

    The green LED (D6 IIRC) is turned on after boot. I can toggle it later, but strange. Any idea why?

    The LEDs are active low, so they turn off on the first toggle. Something like

     # Make buttons and LEDs negated
      pinutils.findpin(pins, "PD13", True)["functions"]["NEGATED"]=0;

    should solve it?


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