• Thanks @allObjects.

    In reality things are quite murky with JavaScript.

    Even in the browser world it's confusing - look at MDN for example... Go to https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docsĀ­/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Functions/get and look under Browser Compatability - not all browsers (or versions of browsers) support all features.

    In reality even if I maintained my own complete language reference (which is a huge undertaking) very few people would actually read through it.

    It's been suggested that I add a table of JS features (maybe linking to MDN) and their status of support in Espruino though - and I think that could well be a good idea.

    As @allObjects says, I have limited time available to work on things. I split it between updating docs, tutorials, the forums, Espruino software, hardware, shipping, advertising, and more. Some things (like a full language reference) which would suck up time on an ongoing basis as Espruino changed just have to get left out.

    Having said that, all the documentation is open, so it's trivial to suggest changes/improvements. There's a link at the bottom of each page on the Espruino site.


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