• @PiAir Just for your info, I would dearly love to do the picture.
    I have now received some boards for the RN module from @DrAzzy and am preparing to remove the LoRa module and place on DrAzzy's pcb.
    The module is in short supply as there is a version change and perceived supply problems: so I have to do DIY SMD with a frying pan, some luck and possible good outcome.
    I have two of the green from nl, so at least one module should survive.

    Another alternative would be to remove the 3<->5 converter and drill holes.

    The LoPy is indeed very interesting ( I want one :) ), however, I have to stop buying gadgets and concentrate on one pusher for which Espruino is fine.

    (Gordon apears to know a lot about LoRa and TTN :) )


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