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    It has some limits due to the JSVars so I have just used it to show kids another way of using a micro controller with the espruino on board javascript where the immediate access to programming contra compile and download

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    I have to prepare for a TTN thing, 3 pi gw's and no device!!!
    The device just has to be a puck.js (and due to other activities, a micro:bit).

    The problem to be prepared is the alterations of an arduino shield that contains a valuable module that is now in very short supply. (http://forum.espruino.com/comments/13572­658/ contains some info as, by chance, there was a little connection there)

    SMD ... hmmm, removal and replacement onto a @DrAzzy pcb.
    Is the following video a viable course when one has no access to anything near professional gear (except a frying pan)


    (Update on the NeoPixels after Easter as Lara has to have time to be involved in the project: and also program the thing:))

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    @PiAir Just for your info, I would dearly love to do the picture.
    I have now received some boards for the RN module from @DrAzzy and am preparing to remove the LoRa module and place on DrAzzy's pcb.
    The module is in short supply as there is a version change and perceived supply problems: so I have to do DIY SMD with a frying pan, some luck and possible good outcome.
    I have two of the green from nl, so at least one module should survive.

    Another alternative would be to remove the 3<->5 converter and drill holes.

    The LoPy is indeed very interesting ( I want one :) ), however, I have to stop buying gadgets and concentrate on one pusher for which Espruino is fine.

    (Gordon apears to know a lot about LoRa and TTN :) )


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    I would dearly like to visit this great guy, shake him by the Espruino hand and possibly leave something in his hand: in the meantime, I just send a very small token amount and save up for the next Espruino gadget (wife effect is present: but she sees a happy daughter with Things We Make)
    One day in Denmark maybe: if I am ever so lucky.

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    and on bottom silk, the pin names: I am sitting turning my puck.js round all the time to make sure I have taken the correct hole...

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    Not strickly on topic: the puck.js can do this with the right carrier board for RF (possible need for more power reserve)
    (I do not name motion sensor (( oops)) )
    And everything takes time so there is no rush as such.
    The open hardware isn't open yet so I have no idea what is powering this node of things.
    https://shop.thethingsnetwork.com/index.­php/product/the-things-node/ price is 70 euros plus vat (ouch)

    Edit: no bluetooth visible in spec, but there seems to be an unpopulated copper area that looks a bit familiar. may be wifi, I can only guess

    Edit: no copper area in the https://www.thethingsindustries.com/prod­ucts/hardware pics.

    Edit: http://forum.espruino.com/comments/13535­822/ probably on this pic
    I probably mount the puck on the other side and play with it at some time when I get a setup for test done. (I have two green boards I bought from a nice Beligium guy on ebay)

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    I am wondering if there finds pogos with holes in the bottom to accept male pins: the pogos look solid in the bottom.

    not cheap and a quick link: seems like male-male is mostly used which gives something that sticks out of puck.js bottom, but one can live with that


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    Side subject, on the subject of pogo pins, can someone find what is likely to work?
    ie a pogo that is correct length, fit into the pins on the bottom of the puck with plastic on bottom and female that allows for adhesion (or a 3d print of black bottom) for fixation.
    I think this could be nice for the new (and old) puck.js.
    Once found (with link to EU supplier), the pogo pins could be tested in the community.

    The pogo pins could be bought from Gordon if time/value allows with a buy of a puck.js (with price on pogo pins ((add on sales, be it ever so little)) ).
    It would show ability of puck to be puck-ered on to something else and retain the cool design

    3D print of the bottom could come from community (as there are some cool guys out there who are good at 3d design ((I am not)) ). The 3D should contain openings for the pins that go into the bottom, and whatever is needed to hold the pogos in place