• I have been playing with the LoPy for the last couple of weeks. It also was a Kickstarter, like the Puck.js
    I mainly use it to connect to The Things Network, a community provided IoT network based on LoRaWAN. It enables long range (miles/km's) transmission of small amounts of data.
    Because the LoPy, like the Puck.js supports BLE, I wanted to try to connect the two.

    I adapted the available example scripts so that when you press the Puck.js, it connects via BLE to the LoPy and sends it the current thermometer, light and battery level. The LoPy then posts that data to The Things Network.

    Code etc. available online here.

  • @PiAir Just for your info, I would dearly love to do the picture.
    I have now received some boards for the RN module from @DrAzzy and am preparing to remove the LoRa module and place on DrAzzy's pcb.
    The module is in short supply as there is a version change and perceived supply problems: so I have to do DIY SMD with a frying pan, some luck and possible good outcome.
    I have two of the green from nl, so at least one module should survive.

    Another alternative would be to remove the 3<->5 converter and drill holes.

    The LoPy is indeed very interesting ( I want one :) ), however, I have to stop buying gadgets and concentrate on one pusher for which Espruino is fine.

    (Gordon apears to know a lot about LoRa and TTN :) )


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  • @PiAir thanks for posting up! That's great! It's a really neat idea to use the LoPy as a BLE->LoRa bridge.

  • Nice idea, I will try that when I get my Puck JS - Cheers Jonathan

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Connect the Puck.js to The Things Network using a Pycom LoPy

Posted by Avatar for PiAir @PiAir