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  • I'll definitely keep the same header and pinout for the Pico - and I intend to keep producing that as long as I can. Also, ST tend to keep basically the same pinout between their chips - so even if I changed the IC , I could still keep the same footprint.

    I've put an original Espruino footprint on the Arduino adaptor board, so you can go between form factors - however I'm not really sure if having a Pico->Original adaptor helps that much, as I'll keep producing the original board too. If there's a good reason I can add one though.

    Quick update - I've just had a bunch of ESP8266 and WIZnet adaptors made by DirtyPCBs, so assuming they arrive on time and aren't horrific I'll be shipping them out with the KickStarter rewards that include WIZnet or ESP8266.

    Also, for anyone who didn't see the KickStarter update - some of the adaptors:

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