• Not sure how I missed this - it looks great!

    @allObjects, depending how serious you are about this (and if you can spare 20 IO pins for the LCD), you could recompile your own version of Espruino with the hardware (parallel) ILI9341 support (which is much faster).

  • Thanks for your compliments. You did not miss anything... - Parallel driving: Was thinking about it. It for sure performs better. With serial: for complete drawing of time, 1 second is sufficient; drawing latitude and longitude takes a bit longer... What adds pain to the (re)drawing is the absence of a fixed size font (...may be I just have not discovered it yet). Your hint to use a parallel interface makes me rethink my assumption about 'who' runs the drawing: a) Espruino - or b) LCD controller... and I tend now towards assuming a) Espruino. --- Btw, I like to 'fix' hardware using software... - or more accurately - complement and be complemented by hardware. ;).


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