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    I'm not an expert but likely you will hit in cold temperatures the limitation of the CR2032 cell or almost any other battery first. The chemical process within a battery is significantly more temperature dependent as any other component.

    Next to the battery your only other concern should be condensation since it may lead to shorts or corrosion.

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    The button connects (if pressed) VCC (3.3V) to Ground producing a short.

    If you want to pull a pin to ground you should always use a resistor e.g. 10k and not tie it directly,
    see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pull-up_re­sistor for details.
    Note: The article describes pull-up, but the same principle applies to pull down.

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    It works now - thank your for resolving the issue so quickly.

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    I'm using a Mac, WebIDE version is 0.68.6 and a Puck with the latest travis build 1v98+1.

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    I've a pretty large application consisting of 5 modules (loaded with require) and a main.
    I've enabled "Save on Send" and set "Minification" as well as "Module Minification" to "Closure Simple".

    The upload kind of succeeds but the execution fails with

    >Uncaught InternalError: NRF ERROR 9
     at line 1 col 7573

    Further more the saved code is garbage:

    // Code saved with E.setBootCode

    If reduce my code size by deleting functions, everything turns back to normal.

    Can this be fixed? I'm also happy with a solution where I upload the modules and the main separately.

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    I vote for handling undefined and missing the same way. Default function parameters are implemented in javascript using a check for undefined - an example:

    function multiply(a, b) {
      b = (typeof b !== 'undefined') ?  b : 1;
      return a * b;

    Source: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs­/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Functions/Defa­ult_parameters

    I believe adding a distinction between undefined and missing breaks the spec too.

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    @MaBe The documentation to setTimeout states:

    Returns An ID that can be passed to

    To answer your question calling a function without an argument is identical to calling it with undefined

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    I'll open a pull request for NFCTag.js on the weekend.

    About downloading arbitrary data using NFC:
    It's generic and works for text, images, js... for this reason the data is wrapped in a NDEF MIME Record. Andoird features an API for wrap und unwrap.

    Wrap and unwrap is missing from Pucks JS-Engine, namely:

    • Parse and skip NDEF Message Header. (Usually 2 or 4 bytes)
    • Parse and skip NDEF MIME-Record Header. (Here length greatly depends on the payload type string e.g. "text/javascript" is already 15 bytes on it's own.)

    If there is interest I would invest some time into a MIME record wrap unwrap module.