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    Thanks @opichals I'd come to that conclusion re the SDK.

    Re use-case - honestly? It started out as a learning exercise, but I've found it to be very useful and reliable. Re performance, I don't have any benchmarks, my apps are sending at 50ms intervals with no problems, but I appreciate that's not particularly fast when compared to MQTT QoS 0 which I think is the best comparison. That's not to say the interval can't be much smaller. I haven't tried.

    I could run Mosquitto locally, and may end up doing, but this has fewer moving parts to achieve (or at least emulate) the same thing. That was the attraction really.

    I'll look into CoAP though since I've no experience with that. Thanks again.

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    From what I've gathered frames are lower level than UDP. And yes it's nothing like real pub/sub, the client basically filters the frames based on a list of subscriptions it holds in memory and discards everything else.

    Just checked out that module - I wouldn't have the first idea what to do with that :) so I think I'll look further at your suggestion on UDP. Thanks @Gordon.

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    Could network enabled Espruino devices communicate using Ethernet frames?

    I ask as I've been using some MQTT style code written atop a Go Ethernet Frames library on Raspberry Pi. The broadcast option means you can achieve something very like MQTT pub/sub, but without data ever leaving your network and/or the need for a broker to relay via ( I always rely on the free insecure ones)

    It's worked well on a couple of projects I've done, so, I'm now wondering could I get Raspberry Pi talking to Espruino over same protocol?

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    So nobody learned anything at NodeConf - too busy playing with their badges? I would have been. Very nice.

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    @Polypod suspect your circuit isn't reversed just the metal case is rotated 180 degrees

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    @Gordon No, I've had no issues, but admittedly this binary only serves a RC car controller webpage and the websocket connection. I'm not using it anywhere else, but it works like a charm for that. Maybe not enough evidence to change it :)