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    I think that's a really cool idea, as there's probably lots of common use cases and the tutorials already cover quite a lot of them, having an easy way for people to give them a go right away would be really nice!

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    Thanks @Gordon, I've seen the Bangle.js app loader (and contributed the one-button widget to it), it's a really neat solution. As there's nothing similar for the Puck I went with the simple single-page website. The only limitation of the 'one website per app' is that you can't easily have a Puck do multiple things unless each website takes care to not wipe the code that came before. But if you try to do that you quickly run into things potentially interfering with each other ;-)

    I love the idea of having the Puck vertically and using the rotation to track different things, that could be very neat when using it in a static (e.g. desktop) setting!

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    Hey @allObjects, thanks for the pointer. The Software Buttons look really cool and I'll play around with them (I already have some fun use cases for home automation in mind)!

    I tried to keep things simple for now, as I tried to make something that's easy to use for less technical users as I know from our community calls that there's otherwise a high barrier to actually using this kind of tracking. But might be definitely worth to offer some settings to support more complex button varieties!

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    Hey folks,
    I wanted to share a little project I've been working on with both the Puck.js and Bangle.js

    In the Quantified Self community of self-trackers there are regular wishes for having a simple button that allows you to track when discrete events happen (e.g. when/how much you sneeze per day, tracking when you eat, basically all events for which you just want a timestamped record of it happening).

    The Puck.js seemed like an obvious choice to create such a thing, so I created this little website which allows turning a Puck into a button that records the following for each button press:

    • the time at which the button was pressed,
    • for how long it was pressed,
    • the current temperature & light levels,
    • and the current accelerometer data

    The latter two might be useful to later on clean the data by identifying accidental button presses. The website can not only be used for the installation of the bit of JS but also for downloading and deleting data on the Puck. (I've also done a bit longer write-up on my blog).

    For those with a Bangle.js I also made a small widget that turns BTN1 of the Bangle into a one-button tracker. :)