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    Looks like newer version of GB software on the phone solved this issue, thanks @Johan_O . Three days in a row without noticing this issue any more.

    What this implies to me, that time setting is working without GB widget application on watch, and time value is not permanent (after BTN3 long press that value is lost). I think it a bug, but this is more GB bug...

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    Looks like mine is 0.43.0
    I'll try to get newer version and check

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    Well, I do suspect GadgetBridge and summer time. I did not notice this behaviour before installing GadgetBridge, but after installing it- even default Morphing clock shows the same symptoms. Just to notice- clock sync is disabled in GB settings...

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    Have not noticed this issue today when using Morphing clock.
    I am on newest version of all apps. Firmware 2V05.1

    0: {id: "widbat", name: "Battery Level Widget", type: "widget", version: "0.05", files: "widbat.info,widbat.wid.js"}
    1: {id: "widbt", name: "Bluetooth Widget", type: "widget", version: "0.04", files: "widbt.info,widbt.wid.js"}
    2: {id: "barclock", name: "Bar Clock", type: "clock", src: "barclock.app.js", icon: "barclock.img", …}
    3: {id: "boot", name: "Bootloader", type: "bootloader", sortorder: 0, version: "0.17", …}
    4: {id: "launch", name: "Launcher", type: "launch", src: "launch.app.js", sortorder: 0, …}
    5: {id: "mclock", name: "Morphing Clock", type: "clock", src: "mclock.app.js", icon: "mclock.img", …}
    6: {id: "setting", name: "Settings", src: "setting.app.js", icon: "setting.img", sortorder: 3, …}
    7: {id: "alarm", name: "Alarms", src: "alarm.app.js", icon: "alarm.img", version: "0.07", …}
    8: {id: "files", name: "App Manager", src: "files.app.js", icon: "files.img", version: "0.05", …}
    9: {id: "welcome", name: "Welcome", src: "welcome.app.js", icon: "welcome.img", version: "0.09", …}
    10: {id: "about", name: "About", src: "about.app.js", icon: "about.img", version: "0.05", …}

    Timezone is +3
    I'm looking for way to reliably reproduce this issue...

    I dont realy get it how this works

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    I noticed an issue last week. Sometimes my clock is behind by 1 hour (see video). Could not found issue in installed apps code by reviewing it. Decided to go fresh and installed default apps and "bar clock". Issue still exist :( Any ideas?


    Now I change default clock to morphing, will see if issue still exist...

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    yoou can disable various lights-up parameters in settings. I set mine clock to light up on touch and buttons

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    there must be a bug in the Espruino bootloader.bin

    I have various ESP32's and all works correctly (version 2v04 as i was testing what to choose- espruino or micropython). So you should try another esp32 if its available.