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    did you flash Pixl with the new version, link provided in #6,#7 and that doesn't work?

    I did not for my colleagues pixl, because i thought there might be more to test on the shipped version – and also … it's not mine. I only flashed the development version on my pixl. Do you want me to test the development version on his pixl as well?

    Yes (functional) to development version, No (fails) to original shipped version. ??

    That's right. NFC is now working on my pixl with 2v01.69 (from the link in #6) but it did not work previously with the shipped version (2v01)

    To clarify: I just wanted to report that: I think the shipped 2v01 firmware has NFC problems on the Pixl.

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    Sorry for the vague response @Robin. As @Gordon stated the difference of events is normal.

    The issue is that NFC with the shipped 2V01 firmware does not work at all on the Pixl.js
    That is what I observed with our 2 devices.

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    I can reproduce the issue with a new Pixl.js board (ordered in the same batch) from a colleague running 2v01. So it indeed seems to be a firmware issue.

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    That did the trick!

    It could have been me not holding it in the right spot in the first place to be honest, i'm not sure.
    There is still something that i don't get:

    I've started counting NFCon and NFCoff events and my stats look like this:

    on: 38
    off: 714

    is that normal? I would assume that those numbers should be identical, no?
    I get a lot of off events when my phone is near the pixl but not in the "right spot".

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    Hi @Gordon. Thanks for clarifying. I just noticed the backlight going off while holding the phone near it.

    So I changed my code to this:

    NRF.on('NFCon', function() { console.log('nfc on'); });
    NRF.on('NFCoff', function() { console.log('nfc off'); });

    The result is that i get nfc off like 30 times (but never nfc on) when i move my phone near the pixl (back or front – doesn't really matter) but nothing opened on my phone. It worked with the puck. I've also tried a nfc detection app, no luck.

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    It got shipped with the latest version:

      VERSION: "2v01",
      GIT_COMMIT: "748a4d3",
      BOARD: "PIXLJS",
      FLASH: 524288, RAM: 65536,
      SERIAL: "51ce5f62-7b5098e4",
      CONSOLE: "Bluetooth",
      MODULES: "Flash,Storage,hea" ... "el,graphical_menu",
      EXPTR: 536882408 }

    I am powering it via micro usb. I've also tried a CR2032 (brand new).

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    I recently got a Pixl.js and a Puck.js

    NFC is working fine on my puck.js but I can't get it working on my pixl.js.

    This is my code:

    NRF.on('NFCon', () => LED1.write(true));
    NRF.on('NFCoff', () => LED1.write(false));

    I've tried:

    • resetting the pixl
    • hard resetting the pixl
    • jamming the phone right up to the chip
    • battery vs usb connection
    • NRF.nfcURL() followed by NRF.nfcURL('https://google.com')
    • disconnecting from the web ide

    Am I doing something wrong or could my pixl be broken? :(