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having fun with Puck.JS

working on creating a button in my car that play/pause music, go to next song and activate Siri.

another project — remote MIDI controller

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    got a Thingy:52 and 2x Puck.JS. the Thingy is in a drawer getting dust and the with the Pucks I play daily (HID keyboard shortcuts - press and long press)

    Thingy pros:

    • wakes up from deep sleep on movement
    • environment sensors (temp/humidy/air quality)
    • accelerometer – want to use it for a VR like toy controller


    • no easy to program (I should put Espruino on it)
    • fugly – compared to Puck's silicone
    • bulky
    • mic/speaker 8kHz quality

    can't wait for PixlJS to play with the display :)

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    @Gordon I tried nRF Connect - the name is ok. no service UUID on both platforms. dont know why Espruino doesnt see that advertisment (maybe there are other flags not visible in nRF Connect)

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    I am trying to send an advertisment packet from a raspberry pi zero w using nodejs with bleno:

    var bleno = require('bleno')
    var name = 'tbd-pager-pi';
    console.log('bleno server start')
    bleno.on('stateChange', function(state) {
     console.log('on -> stateChange: ' + state);
     if (state === 'poweredOn') {
         bleno.startAdvertising(name, []);
     } else {

    tested with nRF Connect/iOS and the advertisment is visible and connectable with Complete Local name set correctly

    on a Puck.JS I am using this code:

      if(e.name && e.name.indexOf('tbd-pager') > -1){
        digitalPulse(LED3, 1, 100);
    setWatch(function () {
      print("scan disabled");
    }, BTN1, { repeat:true, debounce:true, edge:'rising' });

    the problem is that there no found message and no LED3 blinking :(

    same code that runs on Raspberry moved to OSX works perfectly

    any idea why I cannot see the advertisment from Raspberry ?

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    it is a modular system that allows several modules on a mainboard and colorful case

    would love something similar for the Espruino world - mix modules in a cute case with LCD

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    • copy frameworks inside the app – will make the app 35MB 😮
    • duplicates - Bluetooth. saw same puck.js several times (3 times). then it disappears (after 5 seconds) and reappear again. maybe has to do with the scanning.
    • USB devices - Bluetooth Incoming Port, not connected bluetooth speakers (incoming and outgoing)
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    LATER EDIT: quick fix to make it working on OSX.


    1. brew install qt
    2. copy files from /usr/local/Cellar/qt/5.10.0/lib to


    quick feedback:

    • 'Select a port' window:
      – items jump around as Bluetooth devices appear/disappear making it hard to select
      – duplicates for same device
      – unable to read the whole id due small window
      – lots of USB devices (outgoing and incoming) make it hard to browse

    • connecting to a puck.js and sending commands works 👍

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    a good overview of Bluetooth Mesh – https://github.com/NordicPlayground/nRF5­1-ble-bcast-mesh/blob/master/docs/how_it­_works.adoc

    there are also a set of articles on bluetooth.com regarding Bluetooth Mesh, eg https://www.bluetooth.com/what-is-blueto­oth-technology/how-it-works/le-mesh

    I didn't see an implementation for Puck.JS yet, but I am interested too as I have two Puck.JS that I want to put them to work ;)

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    I am not fond of multi platform frameworks – the UI reimplementation looks out of place, bloated and you still have to fiddle with each platform quirks.

    But I will wait for a beta and provide more concise feedback then.