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    That did it! Worked first try. I never noticed that I needed to release the button immediately after it started flashing. Thank you Gordon!

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    More info ... if I use the utility to make a dfu from the device I still see 1v91 in a hexeditor. Even though the dfu that I'm using for the upgrade save 1v92. Very frustrating.

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    Using just a USB charger the red and green lights stay on longer (maybe a full second) and then go out. Tried the DefuSeDemo tool again and did an upgrade and it said it was successful, but the version number did not change when I went to the Web IDE. Can you provide some brief step by step instructions on using the DFU tool? I have a feeling I'm just missing a step somewhere and it is uploading the firmware to the wrong place or something.

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    I know those micro-usb connectors are fragile, so I try to do all my plugging and unplugging at the PC end of the cable. (I have tried it on two different computers with different cables.) I'm at the office currently, so I'll try the USB Charger test when I get home. I'm having one other problem when I do a require("neopixel"), I'm getting a module not found error and I don't see it in the github repository along with the other modules. Did you forget to commit it to github?

    Gordon, kudos on a great piece of work! I have been doing lots of node.js work over the last 6 months and this feels very similar.

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    After a fumbling around a bit I was able to use the DfuFileMgr to generate a .dfu from the .bin and then selected the upgrade option which it said was successful. Cleaned off the graphite mark and reconnected in the IDE and it still says that I have 1v91. I thought I had it ... suggestions?

    One more thing ... I have confirmed that my button is working, because I wrote some code that would light the LED when button was pressed. Worked like a champ. Push the button and it lights, release and it goes out.

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    Board came with 1v91 and I would like to upgrade to 1v92. I can't get it into boot loader mode after trying 5 different cables and dozens of attempts. (red and green leds blink once and go out.) Board is working, but I just can't get it into boot loader mode. So now I would like to try advanced flashing I downloaded the windows utility at the link you provided and it installed something called DFuseDemo and when I run it it sees my board (after shorting the pins on the underside with a graphite pencil mark). It will not load a .bin file however, the utility only supports .dfu files. How do I generate or get one of those?