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    Not strickly on topic: the puck.js can do this with the right carrier board for RF (possible need for more power reserve)
    (I do not name motion sensor (( oops)) )
    And everything takes time so there is no rush as such.
    The open hardware isn't open yet so I have no idea what is powering this node of things.
    shop.thethingsnetwork.com/index.­php/product/the-things-node/ price is 70 euros plus vat (ouch)

    Edit: no bluetooth visible in spec, but there seems to be an unpopulated copper area that looks a bit familiar. may be wifi, I can only guess

    Edit: no copper area in the thethingsindustries.com/prod­ucts/hardware pics.

    Edit: http://forum.espruino.com/comments/13535­822/ probably on this pic
    I probably mount the puck on the other side and play with it at some time when I get a setup for test done. (I have two green boards I bought from a nice Beligium guy on ebay)

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    I am wondering if there finds pogos with holes in the bottom to accept male pins: the pogos look solid in the bottom.

    not cheap and a quick link: seems like male-male is mostly used which gives something that sticks out of puck.js bottom, but one can live with that


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    Side subject, on the subject of pogo pins, can someone find what is likely to work?
    ie a pogo that is correct length, fit into the pins on the bottom of the puck with plastic on bottom and female that allows for adhesion (or a 3d print of black bottom) for fixation.
    I think this could be nice for the new (and old) puck.js.
    Once found (with link to EU supplier), the pogo pins could be tested in the community.

    The pogo pins could be bought from Gordon if time/value allows with a buy of a puck.js (with price on pogo pins ((add on sales, be it ever so little)) ).
    It would show ability of puck to be puck-ered on to something else and retain the cool design

    3D print of the bottom could come from community (as there are some cool guys out there who are good at 3d design ((I am not)) ). The 3D should contain openings for the pins that go into the bottom, and whatever is needed to hold the pogos in place

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    Thanks Gordon.
    I review the stuff so far:data relative to supply was a new one.
    At some stage, I may even get code on it :)

    I try first with the extra neopixels that come from the middle of the concentric rings: they fit perfectly into the extra puck.js housing I have with another puck.js in its own housing, a fun shape when the two housings are put together back to back
    (wonders if there is room for a gyro in the second housing: stop, get the neo done Owen)

    I am really beginning to like oesterle battery replacer :)

    usa : needs to find something closer with postage

    Project 2 : make a battery converter: two pieces of metal and some plastic in the middle: should be "ok" and the "leads" can hold the whole thing nicely if done correctly.

  • in The Place for Patreon Patrons
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    If you have a problem with micro:bit, one can post here.
    As a patron of Espruino, then most eyes will be watching your problem, and, together with Gordon, get some reply back.
    The kick back for me is, that if there is a problem, then I get to see it as well so I do not get a problem at some stage: there is no self-less act :)

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    Yep: expensive, I got sponsered: they will be used for play and learn in education while the county council tried to find a sponsor for 5 that cover the town. In the meantime, they get setup and get used by kids if I can find the best solution for nodes with play and learn and fresh air measurements.
    The lack of internet connections (and power) is actually a small subset of the problems I have ( a luxury problem in europe) in order to allow for quick diagnose of a down gw.

    The play and learn pi GW will probably have a nodered.org/ server as I might as well put some of the pi to use with that (or any other crazy idea I get).

    Actually, the lack of a stable internet is sometimes a problem in some places in europe for play and learn

    There are many thoughts about GW and lack of Internet backhaul that I want to address in my solution that may have interest:: new thread??? @Gordon

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    Great: when I get this thing done, I'll post a video

    One thing that is on my mind ... bluetooth scan for her friends mobile (she doesn't have a mobile) then display a pattern based on the info (name, hw address) into some pseudo random but "nice" display. Just another crazy idea that needs thought but could be fun.
    However, she has to also program the thing: step by step

    The power to puck.js is expected to be it's standard battery, all power to the LED's from external.

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    Thanks Robin (and oestrie).
    Yes I need power from external source: the puck.js uses it's battery for it's own use, while the external power comes from somewhere else.

    (off to doctors tomorrow: think I have some mild form of lung phenomena: so still not soldered but she is still happy )