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I love Espruino and bacon! :P

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    Wow, great! I get the pattern now. Thanks for laying it out so clearly -- the changes in github make it really clear. I'll test it out and hopefully you'll see my first module -- one day soon :)

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    Also if you look at his actual code at his link, from my impression its almost exactly like the ILI9163 module. So I'm not sure what I would do exactly to make it submissable -- it SEEMS like a module for me already, and works -- though to be fair, I've never made a module before for Espruino. :)

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    Well its not my work. So I guess we'd have to ask him :)

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    Jorgen did a driver for the ST7735 a while back. Its in this thread:


    You can require the driver directly via https like this:

    D5.set(); // Backlight On
    var colorPalette = new Uint16Array([0, 0xF80F, 0x001F, 0xFFFF]);
    var spi = new SPI();
    spi.setup({mosi:D19 /* sda */, sck:D18 /* scl */});
    var g = require("https://espruino.microco.sm/api­/v1/files/a77b4d12f6a3b7587da5a3a70c02dc­13ad2a3332.js").connectPaletted(colorPal­ette, spi, D21 /* DC */, D15 /*CS */, D2 /* RST */, function() {

    Adjust the pinouts for your setup. I've used it a few times and it seems fine. Gordon was there something you found wrong about it? I noticed it wasn't on the drivers page. Maybe I missed something about it.

    The unit I have is labeled SCL and SDA, but as you can see on some forums thats just how its labelled. It is in fact SPI.

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    Just as an after thought -- the issue might clear up if using a WROOM module with PSRAM. I believe in theory Espruino was updated to support it. The extra memory might be recognized and allocated correctly when doing TLS requests.

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    HTTPS has been broken for ages no? -- since moving to recent versions of the ESP-IDF. The problem appears to be a lack of available heap memory. Either way there is an open github ticket still for it.


    Would be great if it worked -- I'd dig out my ESP32s again.


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    Yeah I got this working finally, so that's good. I've always used qio and dio interchangeably, but on this board dio worked finally. Anyways thanks again! :)

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    OK good! Thanks for checking that! It might be I just have a board with flakey flash. "storage.compact()" is also not working on it -- triggers a wdt reset -- so that points to flash as well. I'll try a couple of other boards and see what happens.


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    Hi, I'm just posting this in case anyone else experienced this, but when using v2.04 on some largish code (40K minified down to 20k), I get resets with exccause 3.

    ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(3,7)
    load 0x40100000, len 2408, room 16
    tail 8
    chksum 0xe5
    load 0x3ffe8000, len 776, room 0
    tail 8
    chksum 0x84
    load 0x3ffe8310, len 632, room 0
    tail 8
    chksum 0xd8
    csum 0xd8
    2nd boot version : 1.6
      SPI Speed      : 80MHz
      SPI Mode       : QIO
      SPI Flash Size & Map: 32Mbit(1024KB+1024KB)
    jump to run user1 @ 1000
      "reason": "exception",
      "exccause": 3, "epc1": 1073799076, "epc2": 0, "epc3": 0, "excvaddr": 1076285788,
      "depc": 0 }
    Running onInit()...

    This seems to be caused by a LoadStore error -- I found this description to go along with it "Processor internal physical address or data error during load or store".

    If I flash back to 2v03, everything is fine. I'm using a totally normal 4MB ESP-12f.