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I love Espruino and bacon! :P

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    So I guess thats not it, as I made a copy of an ESP8266_4MB.json (based on ESP8266_BOARD.json in espruino.com/json) and put it on one of my servers, and the IDE found it fine and same error occured.

    I also reflashed my chips to stock V92 (non 4MB version), in the hopes that would change something, but this didn't work either.

    So a bit mysterious. Another ideas of what I could test?

    Has anyone else tried this feature on an ESP8266, and what has been the result?

    Thanks again :)

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    Thanks for this explanation -- it was VERY helpful :)

    So I basically managed to reduce my entire code to:


    and it was still the same error. Your suggestion of looking at the logs was good and I may have found the problem. Basically it appears at one point to look for an ESP8266_4MB.json at the espruino.com/json/ ,but there isn't one there, as it would appear that its not been updated (ie: there's a board in GitHub for this board, but not in the /json directory online).

    Could this be it? I can't get my code much smaller than one console log :P And yes I did reflash the board each time before I did this, to make sure I started from virgin state on the board.

    GET chrome.storage.sync = {"AUTO_SAVE_CODE":true,"
    Initialising SettingsConsole
    Initialising Utils
    Initialising Config
    Initialising Notifications
    Initialising Status
    Initialising App
    Initialising File
    Initialising Code
    Initialising Serial
      - Initialising Serial Chrome Serial
      - Initialising Serial Chrome Socket
      - Initialising Serial Audio
      - Initialising Serial Web Bluetooth
    Initialising Terminal
    Initialising CodeWriter
    Initialising Modules
    Initialising Env
    Initialising Flasher
    Initialising EditorBlockly
    Initialising EditorJavaScript
    Initialising Send
    Initialising MenuPortSelector
    Initialising MenuSettings
    Initialising MenuFlasher
    Initialising SettingsAbout
    Initialising SettingsFlasher
    Initialising BoardJSON
    Initialising VersionChecker
    Initialising Compiler
    Initialising Assembler
    Initialising GetGitHub
    Initialising NPMModules
    Initialising SetTime
    Initialising Unicode
    Initialising Minify
    Initialising SaveOnSend
    Initialising Tutorial
    Initialising Webcam
    Initialising FontSize
    Initialising UiMode
    Initialising URLHandler
    Initialising CodeLink
    Initialising Project
    Initialising Testing
    Initialising Notification_Sound
    Initialising Tern
    Initialising Debugger
    Initialising Tour
    Initialising SettingsProfile
    Initialising HelpLinks
    Initialising Offline
    Loaded code from storage.
    GET chrome.storage.local.OFFLINE_DATA = 0 bytes
    >>> Connecting...
    Set Slow Write = true
    [object Object]
    Connected [object Object]
    Found a prompt... great!
    >>> Sending...
    ---> "\u0010console.log(\"<\",\"<<\",JSON.str­ingify(process.env),\">>\",\">\")\n"
    >>> Sent
    Got "< << {\"VERSION\":\"1v92.902\",\"BUILD_DATE\"­:\"May 25 2017\",\"BUILD_TIME\":\"14:26:02\",\"GIT­_COMMIT\":\"c234c0083c12697aef6cb5b48ad8­199e8bdadfb2\",\"BOARD\":\"ESP8266_4MB\"­,\"CHIP\":\"ESP8266\",\"CHIP_FAMILY\":\"­ESP8266\",\"FLASH\":0,\"RAM\":81920,\"SE­RIAL\":\"60019400-6edd\",\"CONSOLE\":\"S­erial1\",\"EXPORTS\":{\"jsvLock\":107585­0808,\"jsvLockAgainSafe\":1075850968,\"j­svUnLock\":1075852352,\"jsvSkipName\":10­75862264,\"jsvMathsOp\":1075868128,\"jsv­MathsOpSkipNames\":1075869824,\"jsvNewFr­omFloat\":1075859684,\"jsvNewFromInteger­\":1075859584,\"jsvNewFromString\":10758­59284,\"jsvNewFromBool\":1075859652,\"js­vGetFloat\":1075865904,\"jsvGetInteger\"­:1075861588,\"jsvGetBool\":1075866264,\"­jspeiFindInScopes\":1075882632,\"jspRepl­aceWith\":1075882332,\"jspeFunctionCall\­":1075893188,\"jspGetNamedVariable\":107­5884476,\"jspGetNamedField\":1075884920,­\"jspGetVarNamedField\":1075885052,\"jsv­NewWithFlags\":1075859016}} >> >\r\n>"
    Loading http://www.espruino.com/json/ESP8266_4MB­.json
    ERROR: Not Found
    Board JSON loaded
    Set Slow Write = true
    Device found (connectionId=1)
    [success] Connected to port /dev/ttyUSB0
    >>> Connected to port /dev/ttyUSB0
    [notify_info] No error. Minifying 23 bytes to 22 bytes.
    Save on send transformed code to: E.setBootCode("console.log(\"hello\");\n­");load(); 
    Found a prompt... great!
    >>> Sending...
    ---> "\u0010reset();\n\u0010E.setBootCode(\"c­onsole.log(\\\"hello\\\");\\n\");load();­\n\n"
    Splitting at "reset();\n", delay 250
    >>> Sent
    Disconnect callback...
    WARNING: [notify_warn] Disconnected
    >>> Disconnected
    Splitting at "\u0003", delay 250
    >>> Connecting...
    Set Slow Write = true
    [object Object]
    Connected [object Object]
    Received a prompt after sending newline... good!
    WARNING: No result found - just got "\bUncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet\r\n>\bUncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet\r\n>\bUncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet\r\n>\bUncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet\r\n>\bUncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet\r\n>\bUncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet\

    If this is true though it raises another issue. The IDE will freak out with ANY custom board that you make (I have a couple with different JSVars and stuff). Can I put these in a local directory, and where would be the best place?

    Thanks again :)

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    Also I noticed recently that there was a "compile" option built into the IDE (using "compile" in your code) for the Nordic chips -- I assume it doesn't work with the ESP series. But for the micro:bit, would there be an advantage to using this feature? I understand it works on just a subset of the implemented javascript, and is more aimed at gaining speed, than memory...

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    It's too bad JSCush doesn't work with Espruino. Could be amazing for a small system like the nicro:bit. This was developed for one of those JavaScript 1k competitions.


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    Well the font is smaller for sure :P

    OK thanks for that tip about E.setBootCode(""), I'll add it to my Espruino cook book :P

    I'll have a look, its an IR controlled WS2812 light (using the "IRReceiver" module), but that code doesn't do much internet wise except run Wifi.stopAP() at the beginning, and elsewhere Wifi.startAP(), so I can telnet in and modify it.

    But why would the code run fine if "Save On Send" is disabled? Maybe I'm not understanding some subtleties about the feature.

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    You can see how that's not desperately compelling :)

    @Gordon - I guess it depends on your revenue model. You already have Patreon (from I presume non "Official Board" owners even), and there could be other services you provide that are not part of the open source distro that would be cheap, but doable ($1 a month), etc, a custom firmware builder for commercial use, whatever. Anyways, off topic, but somewhat relevant.

    @Ducky +1 for renewing the domain btw, if that wasn't obvious. :P I didn't use it much, because I thought it would go "away", but if I know it will be around for a year or two I will for sure.

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    Ok thanks for that tip! Rereading the thread, I see that you ordered a watch that was originally probably made by these guys:


    I'll do some research.

    Speaking of an nRF52 based watch -- I noticed there was alot of interest in a wearable Espruino in this thread-- maybe an opportunity for you after puck.js? ;)


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    So I built the IDE successfully -- and now it minimizes! Great!

    However in the end it seems to complain about not having a connection to the internet?

     _____                 _
    |   __|___ ___ ___ _ _|_|___ ___
    |   __|_ -| . |  _| | | |   | . |
    |_____|___|  _|_| |___|_|_|_|___|
              |_| http://espruino.com
     1v92.876 Copyright 2016 G.Williams
    Espruino is Open Source. Our work is supported
    only by sales of official boards and donations:
    Flash map 4MB:512/512, manuf 0xe0 chip 0x4016
    >Erasing Flash..................
    Compressed 24800 bytes to 7447
    DonLoading 7447 bytes from flash...
    Uncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet
    Uncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet
    Uncaught InternalError: Not connected to the internet
    Uncaught InternalError: Not connected to the intern

    I did this a few times and always the same result. Tried both options in Save On Send (including the execute after reset()). Not sure if anyone else has had this problem.

    Disabling "Save On Send" acts as normal and my code runs. I had to reflash my board after, btw. Not sure why, resetting with rst cause 4, after a normal upload. Then it would boot normally with my code, but was weird, so I just reflashed it. These flash chips are notoriously unreliable, so I'll look into that.

    Also, is the font smaller on the new version?

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    @Gordon How did this end up? I'm thinking of buying one:


    anything I should know before flashing it? :)

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    Thats great to know! I suspect I'll agree with you about the 300 vars on that platform, especially for kid projects, so will order a couple of micro:bits to start playing with them...I'll order a puck.js soon as well -- it looks REALLY cool. The low power consumption is particularly compelling on it.