Messages app: Not displaying new message on reception?

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  • So, just found out about the Messages app and it's great. I can successfully pair my Bangle.js 1 with my iPhone and receive notifications. But it seems the app is supposed to pull up the new message on reception and switch back to the clock after some time of inactivity? On my Bangle the messages app never opens, I have to navigate to it through the app launcher. Everything is on the latest version. Is that normal?

  • Is your Bangle displaying a clock when messages isn't opening? Which clock are you using?

    If you're using an app that isn't displaying widgets then in that case I think you wouldn't see any updates at all...

  • Yes, I'm on a clock when the notification comes in, Morph Clock+ which is also the default clock in system settings. The notification icon comes on as well in the widget area, but the app doesn't open.

    Although, right now it doesn't seem to work at all anymore...

  • Odd about it stopping working - but i just pushed a fix for the widget message thing

  • So, I updated to the latest version of iOS integration (v0.08) and Messages (v0.18), but still the message doesn't open when a new notification comes in. It just wakes up the screen, shows the widget icon, buzzes, it even clears the notification when it is cleared on the phone...but the app doesn't show up.

  • Did you update Morphing Clock+ to the latest version? That's was what was causing the issue and what I updated

  • I see...I didn't get that, thought you were updating the Messages app. I tried with another clock in the meantime as well and it worked fine, so I figured it must have been an issue with the clock app.

    Thanks Gordon.

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Messages app: Not displaying new message on reception?

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