RAK8212 and soracom network.

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  • Sorry if the question is not about Espruino as much as the BG96 module, but I'm not sure where else to ask.
    I've been trying to connect RAK8212 to an LTE network. I have a SIM card from "soracom". It works just fine in Ublox SARA-R410m and SIM7000A modules. In both cases it connects to AT&T network.
    Now if I use the very same card with RAK8212, it doesn't even detect AT&T! Given the AT+CPOS=? command, it lists only Verizon and T-mobile plus some "numeric" others. But not AT&T. If I try to connect to either Verizon or AT&T, it doesn't connect. I know that AT&T uses 4GLTE CAT M1, and T-mobile - NB-IOT, but BG96 is supposed to support both, right? Is there some setting I'm missing? Did anyone connect to AT&T? I'm in the Bay Area and the signals are quite strong. My i-phone can see all three of the above and even Sprint! And I thought Sprint was strictly CDMA, not GSM.

  • Mon 2019.07.22

    @alexfreed58, no clue, only providing links here, but on a hunch, isn't a 'Hologram' sim required?

    "We plan to launch NB-IoT in the U.S. early next year, followed by Mexico by the end of 2019."

    Was informed not to expect miracles until the fourth quarter of 2019.

    "I got a A free developer SIM with 1MB/month included on Hologram's Global IoT Network for getting started with cellular IoT development (more info :- https://hologram.io/devplan/)"

    I started reading up on this three months ago, as ATT just made an announcement back in January, after we lost 2G coverage here in the mid-west a while back. Many links here:


    Keep us posted please . . . .

  • Robin,
    Hologram is one of the sim card providers, but not the only one. Soracom is another player, and as I said it works just fine with 2 other brands of LTE modules. I have no trouble connecting to soracom gateway via AT&T using SIM7000A module, but for some reason not BG96.

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RAK8212 and soracom network.

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