• I killed my Pixl.js board after connecting accidentally 12V directly to one of the GPIO pins. That was really frustrating, as I need the board for a Trumpet Playing Robot I'm trying to build together with friends.

    Before declaring the board a total-loss, I decided to try and fix it by replacing the nRF52832 chip inside the Bluetooth module. It felt like a long shot to me, but I didn't have much to lose so I tried anyway. Surprisingly, it worked and was even easier than I initially thought. I shared a blog post with all the details, many photos and even some videos of the process:


  • Nice! and you did that with the LCD in place? I've always tried to remove it before doing any rework on Pixl boards :)

    For others reading this I should add that the Pixl can be powered off 12v if you use the Vin pin, it just doesn't like having 12v on the GPIOs :)

  • Thank you Gordon! Yes, I was unsure how difficult it would be to remove / reinstall the LCD, so I decided to go with the hot air gun from above and it did the trick.

    Good tip about powering the Pixl with 12v - now I can drop the 7805 regulator from my project

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Resurrecting a dead Pixl.js board, the full story (with photos and videos)

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