A follow-up to Puck.js?

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  • Gordon, thank you for your contributions!
    I've just recently gotten into Arduino et al. and have gotten a Puck.js - what a fun little device, and a JS-based web IDE is so easy and fun to use.

    Do you have any plans for a follow-up? Ideally, something a little more powerful and with some more built-in sensors (IMU) and connectivity, while retaining a small-ish size and being wrapped up in a neat little self-contained package.

  • Thanks! The main followup is this: http://www.espruino.com/Pixl.js

    There'll also be a more Pico-style board with Bluetooth LE too.

    In terms of more sensors, it adds a lot to the cost and also drains the battery a lot faster so I'd probably need a new case with a bigger battery, which means quite a lot of development cost. I am considering re-selling Nordic Thingy:52 devices though, since they've thrown the Kitchen sink in there - rechargeable LiPo, 9 axis sensor, separate accelerometer, pressure, humidity, temperature, 2 different gas qualities, microphone and speaker. There's no way I could make anything remotely similar for that price.

  • got a Thingy:52 and 2x Puck.JS. the Thingy is in a drawer getting dust and the with the Pucks I play daily (HID keyboard shortcuts - press and long press)

    Thingy pros:

    • wakes up from deep sleep on movement
    • environment sensors (temp/humidy/air quality)
    • accelerometer – want to use it for a VR like toy controller


    • no easy to program (I should put Espruino on it)
    • fugly – compared to Puck's silicone
    • bulky
    • mic/speaker 8kHz quality

    can't wait for PixlJS to play with the display :)

  • Thingy:52 looks very interesting, but I agree that it's really bulky.
    Either way, I look forward to Espruino being supported on more platforms.

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A follow-up to Puck.js?

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