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  • Tried reading IR signals that a old home alarm system remote was sending.
    Captured the signal with the puck.js and a a IR-reciever. But i noticed the readings were always different.
    Can the remote change signals as a security measure ?

  • It is possible they could change it, yes - but I've never seen this in practice (apart from a remote sending different codes when you hold a button down - like volume).

    Do the values you get back look like they're meant to be changing (eg. changing between two distinct values like 0.5ms and 2ms), or do they seem a bit more random?

  • They are very random in time and length, they vary from 3 signals to 20 signals and time between vary aswell with no pattern that i can see.

  • Is it possible that the IR receiver isn't working properly? Perhaps you could try a simple TV remote control and see if you get sane values out of that?

  • I have tried that, the reciever works okey. Tv remote ir signals may diff in 0.1ms at most. Maybe the reciever is slightly off, but its clrearly something with the remote, maybe the remote is broken since it is very old...

  • ...since it is a security system, I expect it to be different... you do not want make some one able to recored what you do and then do a replay and your house just opens all the doors and even sends text message to facebook that now there is free access to your stuff... no kidding, except for the second part of the thought...

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IR Remote

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