Chip pro?

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  • Hi,
    can espruino be ported to the chip pro?
    it's a super cheap arm dev kit and I'm planning to use it for my dorm automation project.
    While you can use bash scripts to control IO pins, I think Espruino would be much easier.

  • Since it's Linux, I believe it's as easy as:

    git clone
    cd Espruino

    ... assuming it has enough memory for GCC, Python and the tools to compile C code - which I'm pretty sure it does.

  • Thanks! But how do I address the IO pins? The pin labels are different with every board... Like, for example, pin 3 on the raspberry pi can't be the same as pin 3 on the chip pro, since they use different processors.

  • I believe the pins are D0,D1,D2 etc. What those actually mean will be down to the module manufacturer, so you'll have to figure out from their docs.

    Basically D# corresponds to the system path /sys/class/gpio/gpio# - and you should be able to google where each number goes

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Chip pro?

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