• Hi there :)

    I was asked to recreate the idea demonstrated in these awesome setups:


    -> of course, Kudos to the respective original author ;)

    Now, after a quick read of the schematic involved:
    I could start a new version :)

    Now, all that is good, but looking at the code ( whatever the version .. github.com/cubic-print/timeframe­/tree/master/software) , it seems to be using some register's mambo-jambo tricks specific to the AT328P for precise timing purposes ( .. )

    I was wondering if I could achieve driving LED stripes in a "stroby manner" while simultaneously driving correctly the electromagnet using only js ( actual DACs or using PWM .. ) or if I had to look into writing a quick module that'd allow me to do so :)

    Long story short, the objects getting vibrations from the electromagnet have to oscillate at 80Hz while the LED stripes have to strobe at 79.5Hz to get a "beat freq" of 0.5hz, perceived by our eyes as a very slow motion ( etc .. ;p )

    For the fun of it, if anyone has hints/advices on the above, remember the "water + subwoofer + camera ( filming at 24 fps ) + audio waveform" trick ?
    By modulating the waveform from 23Hz to 25Hz, the water appeared to go backward or forward and also gives a really nice effect ..
    .. so another question may be how to replace the camera fps' by strobe lights while having those oscillating at a freq enough for our eyes to perceive the motion ? ..

    Looking forward to reading some answer on this,
    Happy coding !+

  • At 80Hz you could easily use Waveform and analogWrite (with forceSoft:true) - they use the same timebase so will always be properly in sync. You can output a sine wave from a table using Waveform and can then use analogWrite to output the strobe.

    With the camera - I think the problem you have is that most video cameras don't use a global shutter (it's a curtain shutter) - so you're going to see 'banding' if you use a strobe light.

  • Thanks for the inputs :)

    I'll order some of the stuff I'm missing to test a build tomorrow, but in the meanwhile I did my best to translate the original code to js

    Concerning the strobe light & the electromagnet, since the original code doesn't use any waveform, I bet I can rely only on using the following, although I'm not sure how I'd use - if necessary - the 'magDuty' & 'ledDuty' vars ( 'magTime' & 'ledTime' shouldn't be needed since the freq is set thanks to analogWrite's 3rd param )

    analogWrite(magPin, 1, {freq:magFrequency}); // L98
    analogWrite(lightPin, 1, {freq:ledFrequency}); // L100

    Concerning the "water trick", I'm sure I didn't explain it well, so here it is:

    and also youtube.com/watch?v=uENITui5­_jU

    My goal 'd be to replace the camera by strobing lights ( keeping the effect we see through the camera thanks to the strobes )

    I'll post updates as they come ;)

  • Ahh - got it. Yes, just two analogWrites should do it fine :)

  • ;)
    ( 'just checked my DHL status: hardware's coming home :D )

    I'll post tests as soon as I receive & build the stuff ;)

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Slow Dance ( Time Frame ) using Espruino ( any flavor ? )

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