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  • As many of you know, Mozilla Persona (which we were using for the forum) is being shut down at the end of this month.

    As a result, we've just changed to using Auth0.

    If you're struggling to log in, your best bet is to just enter your email address at the bottom of the login screen. It'll then send you an email with a code which you can enter. Once you enter that you're sorted - no password needed.

    The Google/Github logins are for convenience - but if you don't use the same email address for those as you did for your Mozilla Persona login, it'll log you in as a new user.

    Any problems, just email me at

  • It's worth saying, auth is driven by your email address... nothing more.

    If you have a Google account and were signed up with the same email... then press that button, it works great.

    If you have a Github account and the email on that is the same as the email you used with Persona... that also works great.

    The email bit is the "this will always work, given the same email". It sends an email code to your email address immediately, that contains a TOTP 6-digit token that you can type in to gain access.

    Email is how we identify a user... as long as that matches you're all good.

    If any person finds that they have logged in and got a new account and a "user76588" style name, then send me a PM and I can take the email you have now logged in with and assign it to the old account (you need to tell me what account that was, I'll check things before proceeding). I'll basically make whatever your preferred auth method is, and will make it work for you.

  • Finally got in. (using an Email address)
    Look for an Email that says account is blocked.
    Click on the link it should open in a new tab and say it's unblocked.
    then try the login again.

  • What did those emails look like? Were they from Auth0/Microcosm/Espruino, or were they from your email provider? It could be it's some kind of spam protection that you have?

  • It were from Auth0.
    I think it was because I had kept sending request and their system flagged it as suspicious.
    It finally worked as above.
    The I tried again and it seemed to take forever to get the reply.
    This morning I pulled up the login and did one request for auth. and then switched to the Outlook page and did refresh to get the auth. Email and managed to login again.
    Looks like it were a BDOOHS. (Blow Dust Out Of Operator Head Space)

  • :) I've just increased the time the email is valid from 5 minutes to over 30, so that should help a lot. It seems others have had issues with not receiving the email in time :(

  • If you are using Outlook for Email you need to manually poll your ISP to get the Email in a timely manner. Look for a Send/Receive All Folders button in Outlook.

    From the Login side your have 3 choices. The Email choice is auto populated (or you enter it) and click to the next pop up box that asks for the authorization code. At this point look for the Email to get the code. You can also click to get a new auth-code if needed.

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Forum Login changes

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