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Retired. Just having fun now.
I'm running an Espruino Board connected to ESP8266 via serial port.

Working on a program derived from the SD card file server example.
When you request a file from the displayed list, it looks at the file extension and modifies the MIME header field.
This causes files with the extension .HTML to load the Web page.
Files with the extension .js allow an .HTML file to include scripts.
Files with the extension .csv cause Excel to load the file into a spreadsheet, which can be saved on your hard drive.

I'm having problems with another part that accepts POSTs from a client.

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    Interesting, thanks.
    April 1 my PC power supply emitted the magic smoke. I'm on a different one now and hoping that the a new PC power supply will fix the old one and lots of files will still be there. If not it's going to take a while to get most everything restored.
    Then I will be able to try your fix.

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    Some useful links:




    Also lots of Max30100 boards on Amazon, prices all over the place.

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    A suggestion:
    Using two way communication.
    A sends a 16 byte random number to B
    B receives random number and uses secret key and the AES block encryption to encrypt the random number. B sends the encrypted results to A.
    A uses original random number and secret key to calculate the encrypted value to compare with the message from B.

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    Attached is a start on the translation of the Adafruit C code.
    Since I don't have the chip it is untested.
    It should give you an idea of what is involved.

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    A Google search produces at least one path for a driver in C.
    A bit of translation would produce the code that you need. ( a week to a month estimate)

    This link is a good discussion of the chip

    A NODEjs version of the code
    and another

    Have fun sorting it all out.

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    Try this as the datasheet mentions that setup has to come before enable

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    Here are some things to try.

    page 26
    Register 0x28—THRESH_FF (Read/Write)
    The THRESH_FF register is eight bits and holds the threshold
    value, in unsigned format, for free-fall detection. The acceleration on
    all axes is compared with the value in THRESH_FF to determine if
    a free-fall event occurred. The scale factor is 62.5 mg/LSB. Note
    that a value of 0 mg may result in undesirable behavior if the freefall
    interrupt is enabled. Values between 300 mg and 600 mg
    (0x05 to 0x09) are recommended.
    Register 0x29—TIME_FF (Read/Write)
    The TIME_FF register is eight bits and stores an unsigned time
    value representing the minimum time that the value of all axes
    must be less than THRESH_FF to generate a free-fall interrupt.
    The scale factor is 5 ms/LSB. A value of 0 may result in undesirable
    behavior if the free-fall interrupt is enabled. Values between 100 ms
    and 350 ms (0x14 to 0x46) are recommended.

    • The interrupt polarity could be flipped.
      Register 0x31 bit D5
      INT_INVERT Bit
      A value of 0 in the INT_INVERT bit sets the interrupts to active
      high, and a value of 1 sets the interrupts to active low.
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    Now you have me a bit worried. The oriental specifications for this device are sketchy at best.
    It seems to contain 3 switches, 3 resistors and have 8 pins.
    Connecting both ground and 3.3V from the Pico to this device without a proper diagram runs the risk of shorting 3.3 to ground and popping the fuse on the Pico, A Bad thing :(
    If you have an ohmmeter that would provide a way to probe the device safely and figure out how it is wired. Short of that connect ground only and not the 3.3V. use the pin setup with pull up. The code that reads a Pico pin to light the LED can then be used as a test probe to puzzle out a proper wiring sequence.