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  • Is someone getting a valid build for USE_GRAPHICS=1 ?

    mine is lost in reset loops...

  • Did you try to change number of vars ?
    For the case that we have an heap overflow because of graphics

  • in file ?

  • That's the only place I know, but I'm not an expert.
    As far as I understand the py file is used during make to create some sources in /gen

  • Yes - the py file determines how much RAM gets used for variables - be sure to make clean though - just in case :)

  • @tve I was trying to think of why all the RAM would disappear when the graphics library got included. It'll be the bitmap and vector fonts - specifically:

    Could we maybe have a READ_CONST_UINT8 macro that we can use when accessing data that we think might be in flash memory? On ARM it could default to a normal access, but on ESP8266 it could load 32 bits and shift to get the right byte.

    It'd simplify the whole memoryArea thing too.

  • peek8 and peek16, both are not running on flash for ESP8266
    peek32 works fine
    Would we need a solution for both cases ?

  • I suppose so - we'd need READ_CONST_UINT8 and READ_CONST_UINT16.

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