• With https://banglejs.com/reference#Bangle you have a singleton with which you can control the specifics of BangleJs.

    For example, https://banglejs.com/reference#t_l_Bangl­e_setGPSPower Bangle.setGPSPower(1); will turn the GPS receiver on, and Bangle.setGPSPower(); turns it of (of course .setGPSPower(true); and .setGPSPower(false) or .setGPSPower(0); work as well.

    I n general:

    • application run mutually exclusive
    • widgets run all the time
    • games - for performance and real estate reasons - exclude / stop also widgets

    It all depends how the applications/widgets/games are built.

  • Thanks @allObjects, of course I know about the Bangle class and the methods exposed.

    I know I can activate and deactivate those sensors manually. I was just wondering: if my app does a Bangel.setGPSPower(1), is GPS then always active even if I leave the app?

    That does not seem very power efficient. Hence the question, will GPS be switched off if I return to the clock for example?

    I had a look at some apps and I don't see and explicit: "turn off when leaving the app" code.


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